Welcome to H-ROCK Race Team!


H-ROCK is an F1 in School Race Team that provides students with the opportunity to build, race and further develop their skills in engineering. Our mission is to inspire and motivate the younger generations to engage in science, technology and engineering.


Welcome to the cutting-edge world of H-ROCK, where precision meets ingenuity. Step into our world as we unveil our groundbreaking manufacturing process that has redefined the game and saved costs like never before.

We have XYZ axis CNC machines and an up to date machining workshops. We develop in house.

We care about Sustainability, Racing with H-ROCK

Gear up in style with our exclusive range of H-ROCK merchandise! We use Sustainable Materials in our designs.

Embrace the thrill of racing while sporting our iconic white goodies adorned with our dynamic logo and proudly displayed sponsor logos.

It's time to showcase your passion for speed and sophistication.

Whether you're a dedicated fan, a fellow racing enthusiast, or a proud supporter of H-ROCK, our merchandise is designed to captivate your senses and elevate your style game to new heights.

What matters

At H-ROCK, we took matters into our own hands and harnessed the power of in-house manufacturing.

Armed with our state-of-the-art CNC technology and a 6mm drill, we meticulously carved out our dream machine from a solid foam block.

By taking control of the entire production process, we have not only ensured the highest levels of quality and precision but also managed to significantly reduce costs. Our in-house manufacturing prowess has given us the freedom to innovate and experiment, empowering us to fine-tune every aspect of our car's design to perfection.

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